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Welcome to Hillside Market - Click Here to Take a Virtual Tour of Our Store
V & J Hillside Market is a 5000 square foot specialty store located below Todt Hill. We have been in operation for 21 years now with steady growth through word of mouth.

V & J Hillside
Market is family
owned & operated.
Ownership is always present and circulating through the store to attend to daily needs. We are a family owned and operated business, which lets us adjust rapidly to changing trends, specialties and products.

No preservatives, fillers, or unnatural items used at all.
All items prepared fresh every day
From sauces to sausage, all items are prepared in a sanitary refrigerated environment to keep food at the utmost freshness. We make everything the old fashioned way, we acquire the freshest, finest and highest quality ingredients available from meat to spices.

Certified Angus Beef & Bell Evans Poultry
When quality is a necessity!
When only the best will do, when full service is needed... when dependability is a must, quality is our main ingredient and is never compromised for quantity.
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